Senator Adlai E. Stevenson III
Once a man holds public office he is absolutely no good for honest work.
Will Rogers
SC&M Investment Management Corporation

SC&M Investment Management Corporation (formerly SC&M International, Inc.) was organized in 1992 as a merchant bank specializing in transactions between the US and East Asia. In China, it organized the first foreign joint venture in telecommunications with agencies of the Chinese government and deployed China=s first broad band network.

In 2007, SCM organized the HuaMei Capital Company, a cross border intermediary, partly owned by China Merchants Securities Company which was China=s first investment in the US financial service sector ( except for branch bank licenses). SC&M provides a range of services through a network of partners and associates.

Instead of maintaining a large overhead with delineated capabilities, SC&M accepts and originates assignments on a selective basis according to its ability to organize a team from within the US, East Asia and elsewhere to carry the assignment to a successful conclusion. This modus vivendi makes it possible to be flexible and tailor qualified personnel from a large network of associates to the specific requirements of the assignment while operating efficiently across a broad spectrum of sectors and countries. Thus, SC&M developed alternative US investment products, including hedge funds, for Japanese financial institutions. It assisted an early stage US alternative energy company internationalize its marketing, focusing through its network on China. It assisted the US developer of a pioneering biomass fueled power project in Thailand with transfer of technology to China.

SC&M does not market its capabilities. It responds to opportunities on a selective, restricted basis. It is not an investment management company or licensed broker dealer.

Adlai E. Stevenson is Chairman. Former US Senator; former Partner in the law firm of Mayer, Brown, Stevenson has been active in East Asia as lawyer, public official, merchant banker and in non profit, policy related (NGO) venues since serving with the US Marines in Japan and Korea, 1953-4, in China since 1975. He is former President of the US Committee of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) and Co Chairman of the East Asia Financial Markets Development Project; Member, US Korea Wisemen Council; former Chairman, US Midwest Japan Association; former Chairman, the Japan America Society of Chicago; Chairman of the Midwest US China Association. He is Chairman of the Adlai E. Stevenson Center on Democracy. In addition to numerous awards and honorary degrees, he is a recipient of Japan=s Order of the Sacred Treasure with Gold and Silver Star and is an Honorary Professor of Renmin University, Beijing, PRC. Stevenson has been involved in finance since 1958 as a bank lawyer, Illinois State Treasurer, merchant banker, lecturer, policy expert and US Senator (Chairman, Subcommittee on International Finance.)